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This Wiki is the online resource for participation and technical documentation supporting the Mignon Kit projects and art works by Olaf Val.

Diagonal Basel 01.jpg DISPL4Y
Create code art on this unique platform!     
LINK >>>  

Mignon Game Kit 20.jpg Mignon Game Kit
Game controlled? CODE IT YOUR SELF!
LINK >>>

MigProg SMD.jpg MigProg Port
The Mignon USB to serial adapter             
LINK >>>

Mignon-extensions-port.JPG Extensions Port
Extend your device! Start to experiment!   
LINK >>>

Ultimate machine box.jpg The Ultimate Machine Box Kit
In memory of Claude Elwood Shannon     
LINK >>>

One Bit Stick.jpg OneBitStick Kit
The smallest possible unit of information!  
LINK >>>

Yptool flugelmutter-1024x768.jpg YouPrompt Kit
The DIY teleprompter for your webcam.  
LINK >>>